Commercial 707


The Base formula within the

Commercial 707 line is the highest

volume product used. Base should

be used in equal parts to each of its

2 counterparts depending on stage

of growth (Grow and Bloom). The Base

formula contains the essential nutrients plants need to survive. Think of this part as connecting plants back to nature in their primal state. 


Commercial 707’s flowering formula packs a serious punch. As it is the most highly concentrated of all of the formulas, flowers grown with this will blossom to their highest potential at an expense any cultivator can afford. This part was designed to be used in equal parts with Base during the flowering stage of growth, and may also be used at higher rates as a bloom enhancer/ bud booster.


Just like its true color, the Grow formula will keep your plants green throughout the vegetative stage. Having cal-mag built in saves growers having to implement yet another product to the regimen. The mineral ratios in this formula will contribute to strong vertical growth, robust root development, and sturdy stalks.