Fertmax & Supplements

Fertmax Grow A


The Fermax Grow Series was designed to be used during the vegetative stage of growth, and for non-flowering plants. The mineral ratios found in this duo help facilitate vital plant developmental processes including photosynthesis, healthy respiration, and robust stalk and root growth. This 2-part liquid nutrient formula should be used in equal amounts in any of your favorite growing media and methods including soil, soilless, coco coir, rock wool, NFT, RDWC, ebb and flood, indoors and outdoors. 

Fertmax Grow B


CleanGrow’s Cal-Mag product was designed to supplement either of our 2-part formulas. Some plants may require heavier doses of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Nitrogen at any given point during their rapid development, and this product will correct these common deficiencies. For “Cal-Mag hungry” plants, systems containing RO water, and plants grown in coco, this product will be particularly useful.      

Fertmax Bloom A

The Fertmax Bloom Series was designed to be used during the flowering stage of growth for virtually any fruit or flower-producing plant. We use top of the line chelated micronutrients to achieve greater nutrient uptake ability across a wider pH range in any combination of grow method and media. This 2-part liquid formula should be used in equal amounts to stimulate the rapid onset of fruit or flower production, increase flowering sites, and promote high-quality yields. 

Fertmax Bloom B

Fertmax Booster

CleanGrow has a product for even the most demanding plants. We offer a liquid booster product that was designed to supplement the Bloom series during the mid to late flowering phase. Fertmax Liquid Booster is a low Nitrogen, P-K booster that provides hungry plants with ample nutrition to push fruit and flower potential to its highest ranks. Healthy development during mid to late flower is key to boost essential oil and trichome production.