A Hydro Must-Have

Watermax is a no-brainer for anyone growing in hydroponics. A safer alternative to H2O2, Watermax is safe for you and your plants at a use rate of up to 10 mL/ gal. Use Watermax to fight extreme reservoir conditions and prevent system from accumulating scale and other organic matter. Use regularly to promote a healthy growing environment. 


Watermax is the industry’s leading root zone optimizer. Watermax is a unique, plant- safe chemical with powerful oxidative properties that is derived from salt and a propriety electrochemical treatment process. These properties contribute to creating an optimal environment for healthy cultivation. 


• Non-toxic • Neutral pH • Increases ORP • Breaks down scale • Removes biofilm • Very low TDS • Safe to use from seedling through harvest • Optimizes robust root growth • Use as a (final) flush • Keeps system cleaner and running efficiently longer